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community outreach and empowerment of the city of watts is our mission to the peoplethe home button for build plusthe leadership button for donationspartnership button for non profitscommunity organization button for watts californiaabout us button for 501 c3 organizationsface book social medial icontwitter social media iconyoutube social media icon
build plus is providing entrepreneur training for watts citizens
space holder for pagecouncilman joe buscaino of watts districtwajeha bilal founder of build plus non profit community organizaitonduplicate
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maxine waters endorsed build plus community organizationthis is good food at its best in the city of watts upbuild plus is looking to renovate and restore the train station museumcommunity non profit organization for hte people of watts
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rodia simon built the watts towers from his bare handsthe watts towers are the center attraction for the city of watts californiathis is aqeela's page for his restaurant featuring maxine waters and joe buscainoaqeela sherrills and duade sherrills with the help of jim brown
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a bold new was of tackling community problems in the city of watts
build plus mission is to help people of watts and decrease violence in the communityour non profit organization are leaders in the field of helping communities and people empower themselvesspacer insertwebsite tab for the investments page of our nonprofit organizationaqeela sherrills and daude sherrills are the main focus of the gang truce
gang truce media volunteer and city leaders of watts towers and los angeles this is our contact page for build plus our mission is to help you succeed we train communities to develop skills required to lead tomorrow we train venders and entrepreneurs to be their own boss the watts tower is an historical location of south central los angeles the ambassador and student advocate programs helps train school kids to become community leaders join our non profit organization and become a member and lets start helping our community grow take action and join our organization you can help make your community better and safer by volunteering to do your part this is build plus official trailer and we have an established history of helping people thrive and embrace life this is build plus non profit media page link we network with city and neighboring organizations to get things done the right way
bio of Wajeha A. Bilal of Build Plus Community Marketplace in the city of Watts wajeha a. bilal is the founder of build plus community marketplace in the city of watts california Daude L. Sherrills is the founder of the peace treaty and truce between the crips and the bloods rival gang members in 1992 this is Mr. Billy Earley bio for build plus community marketplace in watts california Elander Sherrills Hill chief financial officer of build plus community marketplace